Angels and Spirits - Readings by Catherine

I cannot tell you anything you don't already know
or have the ability to hear yourself.

But are you willing to hear the truth?

Are you tired of those sugarcoated readers telling you what you want to hear?
Or maybe it is the fearful doom and gloom that keeps you away from hearing the answers your guides are trying to tell you.

Let's face it, you aren't seeking someone to interpret the messages of the angels and guides if everything is peachy keen in your life. When things aren't right you already know it. What you are probably looking for is answers, direction, maybe someone to bounce ideas off of.
That's what I do.

What I can see is the direction you are headed in. Can that be changed? Of course it can. But only when you know what is working and what isn't. My belief is that we are here, on this plane of existence to try and and test things. Yes we are here to learn, but the lessons don't have to be hard. You can see which way to go, you can see ahead of time what the results will probably be if you stay on your current path, you can see it all.

I work with my guardians and angels to talk to your guardians and angels.
We are not alone - ever! God/Goddess/Spirit surrounds us, is in and through us - Spirit is us and we are Spirit. The Almighty gives us Guides and Angels to help us, to talk to us and to bounce ideas off of. Strange concept, but it's true.

When I ask to speak to your Guides and Angels with you, I ask them to be blunt and clear as possible. If you have a question or an idea you usually want an answer about how the idea will work or how to implement it. My readings ask the questions and get the answers.
Are you open to hearing them?

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